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We are Partners Publishers, a medical-scientific content publisher specializing in customized editorial projects, developed by a highly qualified, talented and experienced team.
We have the mission of being a knowledge channel, promoting the quality information to the medical-pharmaceutical sector, in a virtuous circle of learning and building solid partnerships.

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To make medical and scientific information reach your audience efficiently and dynamically, we at Partners Publishers provide you with the latest and most innovative content.

We produce from printouts of various formats and layouts to digital content, including apps.

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International partnership

You know a company by the category of its partnerships!

A Built by Doctors is a world reference in the creation of customized projects with personalized solutions that contribute to the education of health professionals, caregivers and patients.
It is present in 50 countries and is exclusively represented in Brazil by Partners Publishers.

It offers content and communication solutions of the highest quality and pioneering, with high credibility materials and designs that are always innovative.
Entre em contato conosco e conheça a linha completa de conteúdos Built by Doctors.
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AAD congress 2019 - Day 1 | Alessandra Anzai, MD

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AAD congress 2019 - Day 2 | Alessandra Anzai, MD

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AAD congress 2019 - Day 3 | Alessandra Anzai, MD

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AAC congress 2019 - Day 1 | Maria Cristina Izar, MD

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AAC congress 2019 - Day 2 | Maria Cristina Izar, MD

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AAC congress 2019 - Day 3 | Maria Cristina Izar, MD

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Face Structures

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Face Structures 2

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Frankfurt Book Fair 2019

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Social Media para Médicos e Profissionais da Saúde

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Soft Skills - Rinite

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